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    Question Which model of G5; PCI-X vs PCI
    Hi all,
    Haven't been to the forums in a while, but I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me:

    I'm looking at getting a used PM G5, and I'm looking in the Dual 2.0GHz range. I see that there are four models that have a Dual 2.0GHz processor:

    Anyway, I'm looking at a couple of models on eBay. I initially preferred the June 2004 PCI-X 2 model, then changed my preference to the Early 2005 PCI model (because I thought PCI-X was completely incompatible w/ PCI), but now I'm not sure. I could care less about PCI-X (I think), but it would be nice to go up to 8GB of RAM (rather than the 4GB limit the PCI models have).

    One of the PMG5s I'm bidding on on eBay is the Late 2005 DC (w/ PCIe) model, currently at around $680, with 4.5GB RAM and 650GB HDD. However, it's still got a day of bidding left. I also see a buy-it-now Early 2005 PCI model w/ 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD for $850. There are tons of June 2004 PCI-X 2 models available, but most tend to go for more than my budget (which is approx. $900 including shipping).

    I'm currently using a Power Mac G4 "Quicksilver" 733MHz (single) with 1GB RAM, so any kind of upgrade is great. I do [small projects of] video editing, Photoshop, and "the basics," but I have a MacBook Pro and a PC that I do many of "the basics" on. Plus, I love music, but storage isn't a big deal -- SATA HDDs are fairly cheap now, and I'm not really into editing music (yet), but it would be nice to have the capability. I would like to make a decision either today or tomorrow so that I can get a "new" G5 on its' way

    Any insight is appreciated!


    [EDIT: I didn't realize that I only had 3 posts on my account -- I had a (much more active) account a long time ago when I got _my_ first Mac, my iBook G3, in 2004. I'm not sure what happened to that account, but I apparently re-created my account last year and have only posted three times...I feel like I'm "mooching" from the community now...)

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    There aren't many apps that can make use of 4GB of RAM, none you'd want to run on that model. Photoshop CS3 only uses 3GB.

    There is a thread already going where someone is asking if they should buy a DP 2GHz G5 or a new mini. Give that a look.

    My opinion, get an Intel Mac. I like the new minis more than any of single or dual Power Macs. I had a DP 2.7GHz and it ran exactly equal to a Core Duo 2GHz iMac.

    If you have a MBP, get external monitor and a few external SATA drives. The MBP is a great desktop replacement.

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