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the boy 11-26-2004 05:02 PM

Big problems downloading - please help!!!
Hi everyone,

thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply. I have an ancient iMac with an Os9 and I do not appear to be able to download anything. Whenever I click on the download button on a website, the page simply refreshes without doing anything. It doesn't apply to all downloads i.e. I can get updtes for things like Norton anti-virus, but I can't download from a page on the web. Has anyone got any idea what this may be? Please help as this is urgent - the future of the music industry is at stake...ok, maybe not, but I need this software for my music files to be transferred from my recording studio. HELP!

Macman 11-26-2004 06:27 PM

have you tried holding down control and clicking the item, then selecting download file as or whatever option for download is there? also, what browser are you using?

the boy 11-26-2004 06:49 PM

Thankyouthankyouthankyou. It appears to be working. You've saved my Saturday from extinction.

I am not knowledgeable about the Mac at all, I really must learn.

thanks for your help, and if you're in America you should probably really be working now! I'm glad you're not...



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