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    Question Is a mini a good gaming machine?
    My fourth PC broke down, so I'm deciding on a mac. Most Macs cost too much, therefore it's the Mini for me. The Mac website says it comes with a Intel GMA 950 graphics processor, how good is that? If possible, I will get the best Mini there is, right now that is the 2.0 GHZ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAPIII View Post
    My fourth PC broke down, so I'm deciding on a mac. Most Macs cost too much, therefore it's the Mini for me.
    The Mini has an integrated Intel graphics solution, which is fairly weak in terms of video cards. While it will have support for some games, it's certainly not ideal as a gaming platform.
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    You might want to look into getting a used imac, it would be more ideal for gaming if your looking into getting a mac. It's about the same price as a new mini, just a suggestion

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    Mac Mini is okay for recreation use, like opening about 3 to 4 applications per day (like me, safari, iTunes, iChat and Mail). If you really wanted to game, the PC would be a better choice, even though you want a Mac. 2.0 GHz isn't the best...

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    If you really want to game, get a PC, or a refurbished/used iMac or the older versions. If I were you, I'd get a refurb Mac if I'm not going the PC way.
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    If you're gaming, get a PC. If you really want a Mac but want to game, you'll really need the MacBook Pro or iMac.
    Integrated graphics, as found on the MacBook and mini will support games out now but not well. Certainly not as well as a custom built PC that will cost $600.

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    Depends on the game

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    I have a Mini and I found that some games (such as Sims2, Sims2 Pets and AOE3 work) but others (Later Sims2 upgrades and NWN2) do not. This is due to the onboard Intel graphics.

    I did find either a Widget or a Website which listed a lot of games and indicated whether or not they would work on my Mac - but I can't remember what that was.

    If anyone can point me at that Widget or site please I would be grateful.

    I have also got some games to run using the PC versions with Crossover. These include GuildWars, Starwars Galaxies and the PC version of NWN, including the two updates. I can't find the Mac version of NWN (it seems to be out of stock everywhere) - but this is expensive compared to the PC version. Not tried the Linux version of NWN yet. Anyone know if that works please?

    The best game I have found so far on the Mac is World of Warcraft - the same box includes both PC and Mac versions. This installed and works fine on the Mini.

    Edit - I tried the Linux version of NWN, running it from a shell command line as for Linux. It didn't work. Surprising since OS X is essentially Linux under the GUI.

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    My Mini has a 32mb video card, 1.42GHz G4 Processor, and 512mb of RAM; hardly enough to do any kind of real gaming. World of Warcraft runs at about 10-15 fps outdoors and almost 20 indoors. If you want to game the Mini is not a good choice; as has already been said, serious gaming should be done on a PC.

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