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    Does anyone know if you can use an Applecare bought in the US on a computer bought in the UK? It states worldwide on the web site but does that mean worldwide warranty for a US computer when taken abroad?

    I am looking at getting an Applecare for my macpro and macbook pro before their warranties expire and in the UK they work out at 279 each ($558 X 2 ish). I have found them in the US for 135 each or about quarter of the price. This would also cover my airport extreme too and mice and keyboards!

    Seems like a really good deal to me !

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place !
    Experienced computer user, applications programmer and component level service engineer but came to the Apple platform with intro of intel!. Pro-photographer and director of electronics company.

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    don't take my own word for it, but i checked this with my local apple store (in holland) and they told me they would accept an american apple protection plan (for machine also bought in the states) so it should be fine.

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    only thing, you probably cannot purchase anything off the american online store with your credit card unless it's an american card...

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    Read this thread, see if it helps:


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