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    Wallstreet Freezing
    I have a wallstreet running OS 10.2 and here is the proplem. It started when i would start up and some icons would be missing, i fixed this by putting a CD in and the icons would reapper with the new icon. Then the laptop started to freeze during startup. The time and speaker volume would appear then start would stop. After restarting it boot to OS and looked fine but then if i attepmted to launch anything, launch program, open folder, look in menus, or even restart it would give me the rainbow pin whell and then nothing.

    The really wierd part is that the clock would keep running, the restart window would popup and i could choose to restart but it wouldn't, the dock would hide itself, and i could put the computer to sleep and wake it up, but it would never load anything or restart.

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    For OSX you might need a faster machine. Below a Lombard the Aqua interface will be really sluggish and incompatable. If I recall the Wallstreet uses a 233 MHz PPC. It might work better depending on the amount of RAM. Also you might get more and better help in the PowerBook section.

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