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Thread: eMac vs iMac

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    eMac vs iMac
    I really don't know what the imac has over the eMac. Is there really a difference between these two machines????

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    Are you kidding.

    One is twice as fast and several years newer.

    If your using a 400 mhz computer than 700 will be an improvement but def not even in the same ballpark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightjp View Post
    I really don't know what the imac has over the eMac. Is there really a difference between these two machines?
    Soulwar is right - which model of which machine?

    The inference I take from your question suggests that you're thinking of the first generation all-in-one eMac/iMac models (the 'Lumps' my friend unkindly calls them). Mactracker gives you a good comparative reference for performances. The fastest 1-gen iMac was 700 MHz, the fastest eMac was 1.42 GHz.

    Personally, I like my eMac and its performance. It ploughs rather than races through demanding tasks but it's very reliable.

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