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    Help getting a Power Mac 9500 to boot
    Hi, I have a power mac 9500 with a 400 mhz G3 upgrade that I am currently using to run mac os x (10.2) via xpostfacto. However, it has been in storage for the last year while I've been away at college. When I set it up, it booted right up, first try, into osx on the main drive. However, upon getting to the login screen, I cannot remember my password. So, I need to reset it. However, when I try to boot from the osx install cd, all I get is a grey screen, the preboot screen from os 9. It just sits there and doesn't do anything. If I hold down c, it gets to the happy mac screen, and that's it. None of the key combinations I have tried have done anything. C at startup, option at startup, and both a 10.2 install cd and a 9.1 install cd. I also zapped the pram.

    Any ideas would be very helpful.



    After zapping the pram, the mac no longer sees osx, and sits at the grey screen.

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    the problem is that G3 upgrade card, it will not be recorgnised by the OSX install disk, so the machine will try to boot in to os 9, using the old processor.

    can you manage to boot in to single user mode - bascicallt the command line

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    If louishen suggestion fails, go back to the standard 9500 set up, format the HDD and install OS 9, update firmware if needed, install CPU upgrade and try OS X.2 with xpostfacto.

    Maybe that application has become corrupted whilst in storage.

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    Thank You!

    That got it!
    That was really my only problem, getting my password figured out.
    A google search for os x password reset only came up with the standard "insert boot disk, use tools", which wasn't working.

    Everything is still there, and still works.
    Amazing, considering that the machine is from 1994, and the hard drive is probably close to that age, (3GB external SCSI). It's like the energizer bunny. It keeps on going.

    Thanks for the help.


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