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    G4 Dual 450 Clock Problem
    G4 Dual 450, Gigabit Ethernet, OS 10.11, 1.5GB Memory

    I replaced the battery on the motherboard because the clock was wrong on boot ups - I got the message that the "wrong clock setting would probably mess up program functioning properly." So, a new battery several weeks ago seemed to solve the problem.

    Surprised to see the same error message again yesterday. Any thoughts on why the clock is not staying where I set it? Would a worn out hard drive cause this?
    I am replacing the hard drive today, but hope someone has some experience with this issue in the mean time. Thanks

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    I would try resetiing the PRAM fist to see if that fixes it

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    Thanks. I'll do that, then the other fixes mentioned at that site if it doesn't rectify the situation.

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