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    I have just received a brand new mac mini (PC convert) and have been trying to get the display to fit my 32" LCD via DVI cable. The problem I had was the screen was a 4:3 resultion being stretched over a 16:9. I downloaded Switchresx and had been tinkering try to get it to configure - to no avail!!

    To add a new resoltion a restart is required - I restarted using a custom res that was viewable - only to find that when I restarted I could view the opening apple screen and then my LCD flicked to "frequency not available".

    So I need heeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllp on 2 counts really...

    Firstly, how can I change the screen settings when I can't see the screen? Is their a safe mode - i've just transferred my 82GB iTunes inc. metadata from PC so don't want to reformat!!

    Secondly, why is screenresx so complex. I can't believe the default screen is 4:3. Can anyone give me the screenresx settings Pixel clock, scan etc. for a 32" Hitachi LCD?

    I can't believe apples ease of use ethos hasn't spread to this..!!

    Really hope you guys can help.



    p.s. I know the precautions I should have taken with screenresx!

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    I don't think the mini can support a monitor that size, the max resolution it supports over DVI is 1920 x 1200 and over VGA it is 1920 x 1080. But i could be wrong i don't own one so i don't have first hand experience and i am not very good with video stuff. Here is the Specs page if you haven't seen it
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