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Thread: Where should I buy some ram on the cheap?

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    Where should I buy some ram on the cheap?
    Hey everyone!

    I might (FINALLY) get around to upgrading the ram in my PowerMac G4 Digital Audio.

    It's not as cheap as i'd like, but then again i'm pretty poor as of now.

    And suggestions on where I should buy ram that's cheap?


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    Remember it's PC133 Dimms. I would suggest NewEgg. Going to take a look there now. Your DA will take 3 512Meg PC133 Dimms. You also might check OWC but I have a feeling NegEgg will be less $$$.



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    Tanner don't buy RAM on the cheap as you might actually get what you pay for!

    Do as suggested and check out OWC who will sell you a 512MB PC133 SDRAM for around $40.00. With a lifetime guarntee and they are Mac specialists.

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    I buy ALL of my RAM from I have never gotten a bad bunch. Per harryb2448, you don't want cheap RAM. It is already pretty low cost even when you buy high quality stuff. Go for the quality.
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    E Bay is good, but Crucial costs only a little more + has a lifetime warranty.



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