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    "new" G3
    Alrighty, first post in first thread for me here. I received a "new" powermac G3 running OS 9.2 and brought it home to set it up (read: turn it on and mess w/ it, I'm a Windows guy). Well, having done that, I decided to see if I could configure it to get online using my current LAN. I kept messin with stuff and I couldn't get it to work. First, the IE browser would open up and say it couldn't connect to the internet. Then I tried it again and the browser wouldn't open at all. Fixing this would be the first order of business.

    The second would be to attempt to network the mac and my home computer running windows xp together. I have no ideas about how to go about doing this. Help!

    The third order of business would be to install Firefox as my web browser. Does it support OS 9.2?
    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. More details may come later.

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    I really don't know anything about OS 9 at all..I'd suggest gettin OS X...

    OS X does everything for you..It's like having a butler inside ur computer..sweeeeeeeet

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    I can't tell you how to set up your interenet because i don't really no how, also a windows guy. But i went to and the only OS's are Windows, OS X, and Linux. Try this link for the OS X download and see if it works .... just trying to help and good luck with the internet!

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    OS X is kind of out of the question as of right now, because I don't wanna spend the money. I think my school's system admin may have a spare copy lying around, I sure hope so...

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    I would go into the system profiler first (you can find it in the top left hand corner set of pull down menus) and see if the Mac is recognizing your modem . If it's not you may have to do reinstall of your OS .

    As for the LAN problem, I don't think that OS 9 is compatible with XP .

    What I would suggest is check if your Mac requires a firmware update (VERY IMPORTANT STEP !!!!!) then download and install it if it's required . Install OS X Panther 10.3.5 (Approx 90 GBP) then you should be able to run the LAN without any difficulties .

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks guys, I probably won't be able to even start networking until I make some Cat5 cable, which won't be til next week. I might even be able to get OSX by then, so I'll check back a little later.

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    Ok, I finally got a copy of OSX and tried to install it. I go to the Startup Disk control panel and try to select the CD with the systems file on it and it won't select it. I tried to install through the CD itself (going through the disk menu and selecting install), but an error message comes up. It says, "Startup Disk Control Panel cannot select OS 10.2 System as the startup file (or something of that sort). (-2)" <-----I don't know what that means, but it's at the very end of the error message, I assume it's an error code, but I don't know. Any help?

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    Put the CD in the drive and restart. Hold down the C key as the computer restarts and it will start up from the OS X install CD. Then follow the installation program.

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    I forgot to mention that this does not work.

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    Alright, I got OSX to install and run. I also made some cat5 cable, I haven't tested it yet, but I did attempt to network 2 similar mac G3's together using that cable and it wasn't workin. I'm not sure of the correct way to go about networking 2 macs together, but I tried everything that I could think of (which isn't much), but it just wasn't happenin. So, tomorrow, I'm going to test the cable and make sure everything's hooked up right, and then I'm going to attempt a network to an xp machine. Any ideas on how to go about this? I plan to use the network connection to access the internet and do file transfers.

    Also, my mac doesn't have an IP address and I'm not sure how to go about obtaining one. Help?

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    On the older G3 models, you cat5 crossover cable.
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