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    Question iMac G5 PPC Equal Ram?
    I have a Apple Certified Refurbished pre-iSight iMac G5 17" w/ 2.0GHZ PPC
    its got 512MB RAM in 1 of the 2 slots (im hoping you already know this)

    What im wondering is if i can purchase a lonely 1GB to put beside the 512MB or if i NEED to buy another 512 or 2-1GB's to keep it equal

    i've heard this before from the Apple customer service, but they also insisted i needed 512mb DDR-Dimm or whatever (which i found out was for the next models of PPC iMacs, they dont support my older one)

    so i found this on

    Can anyone shed light on this subject?

    Thanks in Advance,
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    Here are the specs.

    Supports 400 MHz PC3200 DDR SDRAM. If installing RAM in both slots, use matching memory for best performance. (2x1GB)

    A DIY for your iMac.

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    Thank you much.
    I also found alot of helpful information clicking on the crucial sponsor along the top, using the mac scanner.

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