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    iMac takes about 10 attempts to power on.
    My Imac 20" G4 1.25Ghz was taking 10 attempts to turn on. Now I can't get it to power on at all. I opened the bottom and pushed the Reset PMU button once and it still didn't do anything. Does anybody have any ideas?

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    Perhaps it's a broken contact or something like that. I hope reparing doens't cost you an arm and a leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktreece777 View Post
    My Imac 20" G4 1.25Ghz was taking 10 attempts to turn on. Now I can't get it to power on at all.
    This reads like it's a power supply unit (psu) failure, possibly bad RAM. Are you in a position to test the psu with a multimeter? You really need to know how to open up your iMac, and which contacts to put the probes on to while your Mac is connected to a power supply. Wear medical rubber gloves while you're at it.

    Second - have you tried a different power cord? May seem simplistic, but sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones.

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