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    Need help deciding...
    Im getting ready to place an order for a 24in iMac.

    2gb or 4gb of ram?
    320gb or 500gb hard drive?

    Is the greater amount really necessary or is it more money that doesnt need to be spent at this time?

    I am a design student, so the programs that would constantly be in use are Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and some Flash and Dreamweaver.

    I dont know much about the technical computer stuff, and the apple support people are just typical salesmen... so your help is appreciated.

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    Personally for me I always go with the higher end if I can afford it.
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    Go for 2GB RAM and 320GB HD. RAM is easy to upgrade if needed. Disk space is always available if you do a backup once you have a enough data together to fill a CD or a DVD.

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