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Thread: how to install new processor in a G4 desktop

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    how to install new processor in a G4 desktop
    Hello, I am going to upgrade the processor in my G4 desktop. I am pretty handy with computers and such; but have never de-installed/re-installed a processor before.
    Are there any step by step instructions on doing this? Is it a difficult procedure? What should I know about loosing any information or system compatability?

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    Depends on your exact model, but something to look at.

    Hopefully, harryb2448 will jump in soon...
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    You should get detailed instructions with the new upgrade. I did when I upgraded my G3 to a G4. It's not difficult.
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    from the research I have recently done on the issue, it sounds like this is not a recommended thing to do- replacing a processor. It seems it can be a bit difficult and often causes system stability. Even mac pro's seem to not recommend the procedure. Is this not an easy/safe procedure?

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    What exact Mac is this? Model? Current CPU? Specs?

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    If you are talking of a commercial CPU upgrade such as Sonnet, Mercury Extreme, Powerlogix etc., they are easy to do and a Google search will find how-tos, with photos.

    If the G4 is not currently running OS X it will be necessary to upgrade the firmware using OS 9 before you put the upgrade in.

    If you are talking about just swapping processors, that can be more difficult getting exactly the right model, bus speed etc processor.

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