I have searched for this and can't seem to find an answer.

I purchased a new Mac Pro on Saturday and inquired about a Airport card for it. The sales guy at the apple store just sold me the card and didn't mention anything about an installation service so I figured it was pretty easy. I have installed RAM and video cards before so I know what to do when working with electronics.

I took the card out and installed it however it couldn't find my wireless network. I looked up some info online and found the info on the antenna wires and where to find them. I removed the hard drive and found the wires. After several attempts to attach them to the airport card I gave up and figured I would just take it back and have the techs finish the install. Both times I opened the case I unhooked all the cables and made sure I grounded myself before touching anything.

So after I buttoned everything up I started the computer. It showed a double image of the apple on bootup then displayed some static type lines. it then showed all vertical gray and white lines before going all black. I shut it down by holding down the power button. Upon trying to start it a second time I heard the fans spin up and then down and it started replaying the startup chime over and over again.

So any ideas? Logic board? Am I just totally screwed? Why does the Apple store even sell the airport card to the consumer if they don't intend for them to install it?

Thanks for any help you can give.