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Thread: New 24" Penryn iMac...problems from day one:(

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    Angry New 24" Penryn iMac...problems from day one:(
    Hey Everyone,

    Finally got my 24" 2.8ghz Imac a week back. But ever since day one, i have been getting problems problems n just problems that are eating my head up. Heres how the list goes..

    1. After running the setup assistant on the first day, i inserted a fresh mp3 disc, loaded a song in itunes, after a split second a curtain like animation thing happened on the screen n asked me to restart the mac. Reason: Kernel Panic error which i got to know in detail after the machine rebooted! Called up Applecare, they explained in detail. Then they helped me reset the Ram n test the hardware. All done, no problems detected.

    2. Next day, I was changing wallpapers when all of a sudden system preferences got stuck n machine asked to reboot again. Reason, Kernel Panic again. This happened twice thrice, i called up applecare again, reset the pram, things settled for the moment. but all this had already rattled the initial experience of using the Mac.

    3. Today, the place from where i got my mac sent in an engineer to help me set up my net. Luckily that fellow got the 10.5.3 update with him n installed it then n there. I have a PPPoE ethernet connection which requires a username n password to log on. Now i put in all the IP details n dns entries n all, but still the Mac gave the error authentication failed all the while. Even the engineer couldnt figure out why and what do. We tried all network diagnostics n assist me features, but still couldnt connect. Any reason why?? I badly need help here.

    The next day i called up Apple care and even they couldnt solve the problem again, they made me reinstall OSX, which i did n even after then, the same problem persisted. what could be the problem???

    4. I installed Perian n VLC media player to run some .dat, .mpg and .wmv video formats. One big problem here is all the videos get scrambled into pixellated blocks in between or while pushing them forward! i mean this is crazy. whats the reason for this?? And for some videos VLC quit unexpectedly giving a Kernel protection failure error. (what the crap??!!!)

    heres a screenie which should explain:

    5. Last but not the least, whenever i try to delete something by cmd+ delete, it simply doesnt work. now is this a keyboard error or something else??

    I am at my wits end and just dont know what to do with these problems. Can someone help me out. Replies and suggestions will be highly highly appreciated.

    Warm regards.

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    Kernel panics are often the result of faulty RAM. Try taking your stick out and reseating it. If the problem persists, demand a replacement stick of RAM or a new computer. It should run flawlessly, but there is always 1% that are bad lemons.

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    Try watching the files in Front Row or Quicktime. With Perian, you can watch any file it supports in Front Row or Quicktime. I hate VLC with a passion. It's such a over hyped app in my opinion. And a very bad port for OS X.
    I would also think it is a fault RAM module. Can you take it to the Apple Store? The techs there are a million times better than the phone people. After coming here for help, I skip the phone techs and go straight to Apple.

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    i reset the Ram as many times, installed OSX again but kernel protection failures coming up again. plus yesterday my superdrive started to throw out cds n dvds without reading em! thing is in my country, the phone people r better than the store people. i m from Bombay, India basically. despite the city being the economic capital of the country the tech support for apple is like this! sucks really...

    i m givin the machine in for replacement..

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolmel View Post
    i m givin the machine in for replacement..
    This sounds like the right course of action. This is clearly a sick machine. I would take it back for a replacement.
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    is there any way to solve the condensation problem?? i got it with the faulty iMac i got n hoping it doesnt happen again with the new one...i mean is it actually a design flaw or something non problematic??? help will b rly appreciated.

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    My first iMac was a lemon, so I took it back to the Apple Store the day after I originally purchased it and with a receipt and explanation of the problem I got a replacement free of charge.
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    thats weird. i had problems with my 24" also. I exchanged it for the 20" the 24" was too big for me and too bright. but just random problems kept comin up....speakers were goin out...screen was fading quickly...strange and it was manufactured in may
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