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    How To Dedicate Processors To Specific Tasks
    i just got a new dual-2.8Ghz mac pro.
    i've heard it is possible to dedicate the individual processors to specific open programs or tasks.
    i'd like to set this up on my computer to be able to render one project on one processor while i work on another project without the render slowing it down.

    dows anyone know how i can accomplish this?

    thanks, i appreciate the help.


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    Never heard of such a thing. The computer should be smart enough to toss a something to an open core if one is maxed out at 100%.
    Where have you heard about such a thing?

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    Cant say iv heard of this either, iv got a Mac Pro 8 Core, looking at the activity monitor you can see the activity being spread across the CPU's... Iv never seen any way to dedicate something to one of them...

    Correction, maybe in programs like VMWare and Parrelles, where you can assign a set number of processors to the virtual machine, but thats about it really !

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