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    iMac G5
    Hi, i just ordered the new 20" iMac g5 today. and when i was doing so i though about getting it with more memory but then i thought why dos apple charge so much for more memory there other prices seem to be resonable.

    I all ready have an iBook G4 which i brought last year and i maxed the memory myself and got the memory from cucial this only cost me 40 which was so much cheaper than apple charge.

    anyway dos anyone have the new iMac with the standard memory that it comes with and think that it is to slow, is it worth upgrading yourself, to 1gb or somthing?

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    Depends what you need it for I suppose. I have 512 ram in my iMac G5 and I do graphics work, it runs perfectly well.

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    Well i'm at uni doing product design so i'm using all sorts of programes like photoshop, 3d redering progs and CAD progs..

    oh now that i think of it does anyone know any good 3d redering progs that are easy to use? i have tryed using strata and can do the basics but would like somthing a little easer to use

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    yes, blender is excellent and it is free. It took me about a day to get the knack of the interface, once you get it 3d stuff is really quick, the interface is very well designed, yet most people download it and are like wtf when they see the nonstandard gui though. Theres a great tutorial (3 pdf's aimed at design students), links are below:


    Yafray (opensource raytracer):

    Great tutorial:

    have fun 8)

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