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wrightm 06-07-2008 03:38 PM

help upgrading memory in a G4 desktop
I bought a G4 desktop from a friend a few years back. I'm editing Raw files on Lightroom these days (from a 8.5MP camera/soon to be a 12.5MP camera - 22MB-30MB files) and it's really slow.
I know the computer is pretty old; but I thought I'd look into maxing out the systems capability memory wise.
Since it's old though, I don't know what it can be upgraded to.
Here's the details from "about this mac"
Name:Power Mac G4
Model: Power Mac 3,5
CPU Power PC G4 (2.1)
Speed 867MHZ
L2 Cache 256 KB
L3 Cache 2 MB
Memory 1.5 GB
Bus Speed 133 MHZ
Boot ROM Version 4.2.5 f1

Is there any room for upgrade on this computer - internally?
Thanks for the help.

mcjacksonnelson 06-07-2008 05:07 PM

Only thing i see would be to upgrade your Processor (currently 867mhz). here's a list of upgrades that would work with your computer. range from $175 to almost $500, but its still cheaper than buying a new machine. im currently thinking about doing the same thing. it looks like your RAM is maxed out tho. good luck.

harryb2448 06-07-2008 06:50 PM

As jackson advised your memory is at the maximum as Quicksilvers have three memory slots and 512MB PC133 is all you can fit in. Had used a Mercury Extreme 1.3GHz upgrade from OWC at for years and found it fast and reliable, but now if you are going to invest in an upgrade, 1.6/2.0GHz would be the go.

Bear in mind MDD FW800 machines are coming down in price. A 1.42GHz dual processor would suit you just fine and that model will take four modules memory to give you 2GB.

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