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    Video cards for a 2008 Mac Pro

    A few months back I purchased a mac pro dual 2.8ghz xeon system with the Nvidia Geforce 8800 video card.

    I know Nvidia now has their 9000 series cards out and was wondering if anyone knew which ones worked in these systems. I don't want to buy one without knowing the compatability.

    Thanks in advance,


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    do you even need it? or are you just buying it cause it's there and a bit better?

    Not sure of your logic here and it sure doesn't sound like your pushing that mac pro hard anyways..........

    The newer video card will not make your computer faster.

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    I honestly don't know if it will work or not, but like Blizare says, the impact upon system performance will be negligible. If you are looking to speed up your Mac Pro, get a faster hard drive and more RAM. Replacing the stock hard drive with a faster one delivered a huge speed up on my 2008 Mac Pro.
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    Apple machines only usually work with specific graphics cards... AKA ones which are on the apple website....

    Its down to the EFI bios stuff that Mac's use, you cant just buy any old graphics card and stick it into the PCI-E slot and hope for the best, the MAC Graphics cards as far as i understand are specifically manufacturered to work on MAC's alone !

    For the time being the best (economical) graphics card for the MAC Pro is the 8800GT, their is the ATI X-1900 XT as well, but the price is kinda extreme and im not too sure what kinda performance difference you will see...

    Afraid that if your after Graphics swapout capability, then it might of been a better purchase to grab a Dell XPS, Good old apple kit isnt exactly renound for its wide range or easy upgradability !

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