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    Am I able to get Dual Display on standard Mac G4 466 AGP card?
    Hi All

    I have a Mac G4 466 with the standard AGP card. It has a ADC andVGA Connector on it. I was wondering if it's possible to use 2 VGA monitors on it with one using a ADC to VGA adaptor. Will I be able to run Extended Display mode with this set up.I dont wanna spend money on the adaptor unless I know that dual display on this video card is possible. It's the standard card that comes with the unit.

    All Help Appreciated


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    In a word, Yes. You should end up with a spanned desktop on both monitors with a DVI->VGA adapter.

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    the dvi to vga is 15US$
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    I've been researching your situation and haven't found anywhere that indicates a G4/466 will support simultaneously connected ADC and VGA displays with the stock card. It appears that you have to use one or the other.

    I found an Apple article that listed the early models that did support simultaneously displays, but the G4/466 AGP wasn't on the list. (can't find the article now)

    Maybe someone here has firsthand knowledge that knows it will work or can point you to documentation that indicates that it does.

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