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    Very thin lines on screen
    About 12 of them. They're also vertical and multi-colored. Anyone knows how to get rid of them? They're very annoying.

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    I had to have mine replaced, when that happened.

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    Would you care to tell us the specs of your iMac? iMac G4... what screen size, etc.

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    vertical line on screen
    The line appeared today when I was sending an email. It is on the right hand side and about 1 pixel in width. It sort of divides the screen because when I put the cursor on it, I can box to one side or the other but not through the middle! (I was rather hoping to drag it off the desktop!)

    I didn't realise how many people had been affected because when I went to the Apple site there was nothing about it. However, searching on Google (LCD Mac problems) shows that the computers that are most affected are 17inch intel core duos (like mine) and most are recently out of warranty (like mine). The serial numbers are also consistent, beginning W860....

    I'm not sure what to do, there is only one line at the moment but apparently that can change ... I live in a remote area so am not able to take it for repair plus it is my one reliable connection with the outside world.

    It seems that Apple are not interested which is disappointing. I've had Macs since day 1 and am a big fan. Anyway, I've signed a petition that I found and hope someone on Mac Forums can help - although I don't fancy my chances!

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    iMac - Very thin lines on screen
    Hi, I have just experienced these annoying thin lines on my screen as well. I have this iMac since mid 2006 - hardly used it until this March (since I gave away my PC with FULL regret!!). My first thin line popped up sometime last year but i wasnt bothered coz I wasnt using iMac as much - until as recent as this March when I start using this comp on daily basis that these lines add up - i have at least 10 lines now - and its getting on my nerve .. help, its driving me bonkers!! What to do?
    I have just moved to HK from Sydney, so not really sure whether my 3 yr warranty applies . . any advise?

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