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    imac 350's reboot
    Hello All!

    I've have this issue on TWO seperate iMac Slot Loading 350's. I was using my 350 with OS X installed but ended up replacing it with a PMac (Sawtooth) 400. Anywho... the machine worked fine for me, but I took the Hard Drive out and put in another so my brother could have the iMac.

    I installed OS 9.2.2, ran all the updates and the machine runs fine but whenever I chose "Shut Down", the machine reboots. Similarly, I have another 350 (that was previously untested) that I installed 9.2.2 AND OS X (10.2) on, and it has the same problem, Even from OS X.

    So there are two iMacs that don't shut down, they just reboot. As far as I can tell there are no sticking power buttons. Anyone have any ideas? I know at least one of the machines used to shut down fine.

    I'm stumped on this one!
    Also - the Hardware is slightly different in each machine, but they both are slot loading CD-ROM 350s.

    Thanks for any and all help! :mac:

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    The usual cause is a USB device. Try this TIL: Also, these models sometimes had problems with the power button binding. Either the LED inside the button or the button itself becomes misaligned and leads to various shutdown or sleep problems. With the LED it can be realigned within the button; for the button you can use fine sandpaper to slightly enlarge the hole in the housing.
    Another problem that can cause this occurs only in OS 9 and older. An invisible desktop file called "Shutdown" can become corrupted. The solution is to make the file visible (with ResEdit) and trash it. The system will create a new file when it restarts.

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