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    Angry Some advice please, iMac Applecare
    Hey everyone, I posted about 6 months ago in pure glee having got my first ever mac, sadly things have gone right downhill since then...

    Here's the thing, when it works, it's a thing of beauty and I never want to go back to Windows. But when it DOESN'T, I miss my laptop that just died after 3 years of extremely heavy use that didn't need repairing ONCE! The point is, I'm on the verge of returning my Mid '07 iMac for repair for the 2nd time in half a year!!

    My problem is the dreaded "random power loss". First time round (after about three months) I spent about 20 phone credit calling Apple, despite having already paid a hundred odd for the Applecare plan, and after much bafflement and frustration from them I had it collected and "repaired". The alleged work done to it? "Power supply changed" Great. Veeery thorough. Most annoyingly, the technician phoned twice with progress reports, claiming he couldn't get it to do what I was saying was wrong with it! Strangely, the hard drive was labelled "Macintosh HD New" but still had all my stuff on it, so I don't know what happened there (has anyone else had this happen?)

    Anyway, onto my question...I really can't handle the rig morale of going through that process again, so is there a way to email the bigwigs and put my case to them for a refund/new machine/fast track repair/any form of fair compensation for poor service? I know the obvious response... machines have faults, some people are just unlucky, etc, but I don't see why we should have to just grin and bear these type of situations when we invest so much money (and more importantly for me, FAITH) in Apple and this is what they deliver.

    Sorry for the long post but any advice or opinion would be much appreciated.

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    Try <> or maybe it is <> and copy this forum.

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    If you have AppleCare like you stated then call Apple and request a supervisor. Since your problem has been documented explain the situation to him/her. They should be able to resolve the problem. Sending an e-mail to the top does not always work. I have had a problem with a PowerMac G5, they replace it with a Mac Pro.

    To me it is better to speak to a person than send a blind e-mail.
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    2007 iMac 20", 320 GB HDD, 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4GB Ram
    excellent. thanks for the advice, I'll report back

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