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    1.6 - 1.8.. Wat's the Diff???
    Hey all... me again back with another question... i think i post to many questions here... o well i always get great answers! Anyways, here's the deal. I was going to get a single 1.8 G5 for $1928 Canadian. Then i was thinking about the older 1.6. I can get this for $ 1668 Canadian. Would the extra 200MHz really make a difference? Cause if it was unoticable, then i could save about $250 Can. This would be great.!

    Thanks for anyones reply in advance and i hope to hear from whoever soon!:alien:


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    i remeber asking myself that when i got my 1.8 Imac G5 and saw the result in a photoshop test i think it was about 11 secs difference at rendering to a 1.6 anyway i got mine cos of the superdrive.
    put it this way would you rather have a mac which can work 10-15 secs faster or $250 bucks.

    (About a hundered quid where im from)

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    personally, i would rather have 250..

    it's not like 10 seconds will save you anything anyways..

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    I couldn't really be that productive in 10 seconds anyways... Thats great thanks guys!

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