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    Question Ext. speakers with eMac. Why low volume?
    Well, the newbie is back. This far I got nothing but positive help here. Already upgraded to 1 gig RAM and have Leopard in the mail. Here is my next question: Been using a pair of high powered speakers with one of my PCs (UBL brand). Plugged them into the side of my eMac but the result is disappointing. With the PC I can make the windows rattle. On the eMac I have to push the internal slider all the way up and still is about as loud as my internal Mac speakers. Something must be choking the sound on my eMac. Ext. speakers are cranked all the way up also. Output still only about as much as a normal human speaking voice. What is stopping my Mac from blaring out to the world? Is the audio really this low even with the help of external amplified speakers??? Thanks all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brumby View Post
    Plugged them into the side of my eMac but the result is disappointing.
    Been there, done that, I share your disappointment

    Be aware that the eMac's own amplifier is matched to the capacity of those tiny (tinny?) speakers. Powered speakers don't really do much either, unless they're getting a strong feed. Best way to go is to get yourself a compact amplifier and hook it to both your eMac and your speakers.

    With my eMac system I have a cheap (free, actually) Aiwa stereo unit, a 3.5 mm connector from eMac audio output socket to RCA plugs into Aiwa, then to Technics spkrs. Works really well. Bought used items except for the Aiwa and audio cable. Cost to me was about US$25.

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