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    G4 websites/info needed
    Looking at picking up a cheap G4 powermac as a base to build up over the next few months. Problem is im completely bewildered by the range on offer and never owned a mac before!

    Would love if someone could point me in the direction of a great website to read up on these or if someone could give me the lowdown.

    I've seen 867mhz units at the more expensive side on ebay. It states that they are dual processor?? what exactly does this mean for performance compared to PCs?? Ive read that a G4 of around 400hz can outdo pentium 3s of twice that spec??

    Help much appreciated!


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    Dual Processors 867 mean they are the last model G4 made, known as Mirror Disk Door and come stock standard with two CPU's instead of one, up to 2GB memory and usually an ATI Radeon 9000 Mac Pro 64MB video card.

    They are dearer because an 867MHz processor is the minimum starting point for the standard installation of OS X.5 Leopard, Apple's latest operating system.

    A much better purchase, if it costs a few dollars more, would be a 1.25GHz Dual Processor in that model, as it has a faster system bus speed at 167MHz. If you can get the FW800 model, so much the better.

    Download a little utility called Mactracker for the full info on all Macs.

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    Harry has pretty much said it all - keep looking on ebay and craiglist for the best buys

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