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    Another Mac Pro or iMac question - pls help
    Hello everyone,

    I seem to have a conumdrum that pops up on a frequent basis, I even went to an Apple Store today to seek some advice but came away a little dazed...

    After years of Pc's, fixing them building them, throwing them away I finally saw the light and bought a MacBook Pro which is the dogs whatsits for my business use..

    After sitting back and looking at what I do on a daily basis on my home machine (high spec PC) I raealised that I no longer game, but rather spend ages encoding HD video from of my family.

    The question I have (after all this rambling) is ... do I go the Mac Pro route for HD video, or would a specc'ed up 24" iMAc suite my needs. I am tempted with the anto clutter look of a closed iMac (and I will get one fo the wife) however, I am troubled by the fact that I will still spend ages trying to encode/render home movies.

    Any advice on the grunt behind the latest iMac is appreciated.


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    Could you bring a video file to the Apple store and try using FCP on both machines?

    The Mac Pro is designed for video work. The extra 2-6 cores should be put to use to decrease encoding times.

    In the end, they're both great machines. It wouldn't be a bad thing to go with either or both if you have to buy one for your wife too.

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    thanks for the reply.. I suppose i culd take a 15 gb file into a store and have a play with one.

    the imac i get for the wife won't be specced out - just for basic web surfing and stuff so I need my machine to be able to cut it.... i was hoping that the imacs would be sufficiently powerful thesedays

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    The newest iMacs are beefy machines (3.06 GHz and up to 4 GB of RAM), but they are only dual core, and 4 GB is the max RAM they will take. They are excellent consumer machines, but I suspect that you need more. I would recommend the Mac Pro for what you are trying to accomplish.
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