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    Question Upraded G4/400 AGP with Sonnet 1.2Ghz--system freeze
    :blind: My system (g4 400agp/ os9.2/ 1,2GB Ram) worked fine, but i decided to put in a new Sonnet 1,2GHZ Process Upgrade and a ATI Radeon 9000 MAC edition AGP video card.
    Now it works o.k. and everything seems to be faster, but when I'm working with Adobe Premiere or Logic Audio the system sometimes freezes. Then I have to turn the mac off and sometimes it doesn't startup again, only after some tries. After slowing down logic audio a bit, it seems to work better, but WHY????

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    Aw man sorry to hear that. My g4 works fine with my upgrade cards installed *ram and cpu* (i own the "blue" Sawtooth), and its fine. I will tryout the adobe cs and let you know soon,


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    Probebly a logicboard problem. Is yours a Sawtooth Rev.1?


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