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    Exclamation Urgent help needed! Cant mount HD on G4!! homework on there!:(
    Ok, so my sister used my Mac while I was away and somehow totally crashed it, when I turned it on it would go the blue screen immediately before the log in screen and not any further. I started a thread and got a number of suggestions, however nothing worked.

    I tried to repair using the OSX DVD but it would show my HD in the menue, I installed OSX 10.4 onto another HD, setting my original HD to slave, but it wont mount on the desktop, i URGANTLY need my homework off it for next week, its my final major project and i donít have time to do it all again!! This is the difference between university and NO university so is VERY important!

    Please help!! I will MUCH appreciate it!!

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    does it show up in disk utility? try that first.

    you could also try something like disk warrior to see if you can recover anything off of it...
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    thanks fo rthe reply, it shows up in disk utility and ive tryed clicking on first aid, it says nothing needs to be done tho. what do i need to do with disk utility or disk warrior?

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    you need to run repair disk, if that's OK yu should be able to mount the disk just fine

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    To repair the hard drive, boot from the install DVD by holding down 'C', go to Utilities and Disk Utility and run Repair Disk from there as you cannot repair a disk you are booted from.

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