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Thread: Logic Board replaced twice in 2 years?

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    Logic Board replaced twice in 2 years?
    Normal? Geez! We bought our iMac G5 (1.8gHz, super drive, if that matters) in Dec. 04. Had some problems in Febraury 06 with it freezing up, and then problems rebooting. Took it in to the genius bar and had to have the logic board replaced.

    For about a week or so, the fan has been running often. I took it in today and they ran some diagnostics on it. The verdict? Needs a new logic board. And of course, this time it's not under Apple Care. So the genius dude advised me to just get a new machine. Ugh.

    As much as I'd LOVE a new iMac, I don't have the $ for it right now. And, is it really normal to need to replace your computer after 3.5 years of ownership?

    TIA for any advice/guidance you can offer this newbie (to the forum).

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    Actually it's not out of the realm of possibility for this to happen. All computers can have problems and unfortunately you have had some bad luck. Should you have to replace your computer with a new one after 3.5 years? I don't think that should be the case. I would recommend giving Apple Care a call and maybe they will still be able to do something for you. It may be worth a shot.

    Good luck.

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