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Thread: 2.8 or 3.06 / ATI or NVIDIA

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    2.8 or 3.06 / ATI or NVIDIA
    Do you have the 2.8 or the 3.6GHz processor?
    Do you have the ATI Radeon or the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card?

    Ill be purchasing an iMac 24inch real soon and im debating whether or not its really necessary to go with the bigger processor and the upped graphics card...

    I am a design student, so the programs that would constantly be in use are Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and some Flash and Dreamweaver.

    Is it really worth the extra $300+, or would I just be spending money on something that would hardly ever be used?

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    G'day and welcome to the Forums. They are a great place to meet folk and get good reliable information.

    If you have the readies, go for it. If you don't in the months/years to come you will be kicking yourself.

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    From my personal experience, I am happy to say, I have the 2.8 24" with the 2gigs of ram. I had the 2.4 with 1 gig of ram, I notice a major difference. If I would have spent the extra to for the top of the line I am sure I would of went for it but I can tell you I have not had a hiccup of any problem. If you can get it, get, but if you want to save some money, do it. I am sure you wont notice a difference.

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    For your needs, the faster processor and the nVidia card would be a waste of money.

    If you were playing games I'd get the nVidia.
    If you were doing 3D design or movie editing I'd the get the faster processor.

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