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    Arrow G3 usb keyboard
    I just bought a usb wireless WLAN adapter and when I tried to plug it into the side of my imac g3 it wouldn't fit but it does fit in my keyboard's usb prot.

    Although it fits a message on the screen states that there isn't enough power in this usb port to power my wireless adapter.

    How do I fix this situation?

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    USB ports pretty much have just one standard size. They should be the same on your computer as they are on the keyboard. There should be no reason why it wouldn't fit.

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    I found this strange as well,seeing that only one usb port would accept the WLAN adapter but I guess what I'm really asking is why the keyboard usb doesn't have sufficient power?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganglygreen View Post
    what I'm really asking is why the keyboard usb doesn't have sufficient power?
    Typical Mac lack of power from motherboard to the USB port on your keyboard.

    I've encountered this issue many times and the only solution I've found satisfactory is using a powered hub. I can operate numerous USB peripherals via one of those. They're cheap, you can even get battery-powered units, very handy for portability.

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