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Thread: iMac stolen

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    iMac stolen
    A friend of mine bought a brand new 24" iMac. The online store he bought it from scanned it in Fedex as 43 lbs. What he received in the mail is a floppy disc and the label has obviously been retaped on. Im pretty sure macs don't "narc" on themselves like PCs, but what are the chances of him getting it back ? I would think slim to none, but TG for insurance.
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    Contact FedEx, sounds like someone swiped it in transit.
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    He didn't refuse the delivery immediately? It should have required a signature so he had to have seen it immediately. A floppy disk weighs a lot less than the iMac. That should have been a dead give away. Same with the retape.

    You could try talking to FedEx but this is way a signature is required. The recipient has to inspect before signing the confirmation.

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