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Thread: imac G5 Ram in an intel imac

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    imac G5 Ram in an intel imac
    I had two gigs of new ram in my first generation 17 inch Imac G5. I recently purchased a 20 inch imac (intel). Can I just put the 2 gigs of ram in my new intel mac or are they not compatible. I'm not very keen on computer hardware and I don't know if Ram is just ram or it is specific to every machine. I would truly appreciate if anyone could drop some input as to any advice or input they may have. If you need more info about my devices or hardware just let me know. I'd be more than happy to provide it.
    Thanks a lot

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    No you can't. The G5 iMac takes desktop RAM, the Intel takes laptop RAM.
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    Thank you for the simple and concise advice. I appreciate it!

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