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    Exclamation HELP!! urgant!!:( Mac wont start!! college deadline!! all my work on there!!
    ok, heres the situaltion. my mac will only load to the blue screen before the login menue is supposed to pop up and takes ages even to do that...

    ive tryed booting from the install disks but it doesnt show my main hard drive in the install menue.

    most of my final mayjor project is in there witch needs to be in next week!!!!

    PLEASE HELP! any help will be MUCH appreiciated

    (sorry about a rush)

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    First boot from your install media. Next from one of the drop down menus choose the disk utility application. Once it is up and running verify that you do see your system disk. If you do, then most likely you have a corrupted system file. If you can see your system disk and you have a another Apple system. Connect both system via firewire. Boot your Mac Pro in target mode. On the other system boot as normal. You should see the Mac Pro System disk mounted. Drag off the data that you need or make a back up. So that you can rebuild your system. If you have a n application like disk warrior, you can verify that your system disk file system is okay.

    If you don't see your system disk you may have lost your system disk.
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    i dont have another mac is it all gone?!

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    The fastest route is to boot Linux from a CD. Find a friend with an Internet connection (as you seem to have done if you're on this forum), get the Ubuntu (PPC version, and for the love of God, not 7.10; either 6.06 or 8.04) live CD and burn it. Then put it in your Mac, restart the Mac, and hold the option key as you turn it on again. You should get the option to either boot from Macintosh HD or the CD. If you're very lucky, you should be able to read and copy your data files onto a USB disc and work with whatever computer you do have access to. This kind of situation is often (but not always) tricky when you put stuff in a password-protected user folder, though. Make sure when Ubuntu starts up to

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