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Thread: Dual Gig G4 Processor Problems

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    Dual Gig G4 Processor Problems

    So something happened with my friend's dual gig g4 tower. when he tries to run os9 (in order to run pro-tools) he receives a message: "auto detect has found problems with your processor, please contact a technician" or something similar to that.

    has anyone ever had any experience with this issue? and is there a way to fix it without buying a new processor?

    any information would be helpful, thanks. neye:

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    You most likely do not need to get a new processor if the problem only occurs when trying to run OS 9. I would call up Apple
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    You do have a problem with your processor. Only OS9 will notify you of the problem at startup. The machine will still run but not as effectively or reliably as it will only run off 1 processor. I had a client with the same issue and was able to run on it for some time (6 months) until he could afford a replacement. Up until the day we replaced it, the machine was still quite useable.

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