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    Geforce 8800 GS for iMac- good decision?

    I recently order a new iMac which is in shipment. I got the highest end model with the 3.06 ghz processor 4MB RAM 1TB hard drive. I also picked what is listed as a NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GS 512 MB GDDR3 card . I have read this may actually be a 8800M GTS .

    I thought I would pick the best graphics card which would probably help for games. Since ordering it I have read that the Geforce 8800 may actually be slower for some things such as Final Cut than the Radeon cards. Now I'm concerned the card is only good for gaming.

    I am not sure I can return it anyway at this point . They said they might do it but it would cost a 10%restocking fee(about $300) . I hope I don't have to return it because it will be so much better than the old computer I am using now.

    I may mostly use it for the internet,watching movies,building webpages and that stuff but I might also use CAD programs,do some programming and I dont want to rule out Apples other software like Final cut or Aperture.

    I suppose my questions are : Will the 8800 GS card cause problems with Final cut, video editing and other programs besides games ? Is it that big a difference between the cards?


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    The Radeon is a smidgeon faster in a couple of editing tasks, but you'll never notice.

    The greater increase in FPS in games far offsets any tiny speed loss in video editing.

    Stick with the GeForce.

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