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    Buying a Mac Pro soon, advice sought.
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new in these parts although I have been a Mac user for 3 years on my trusty iBook G4! Sadly my iBook is feeling a little slow and claustrophobic and so I'm going to buy myself a Mac Pro and get back into the world of desktops.

    My question is this:

    Is it really worth buying an 8 core machine instead of a 4 core machine?

    I plan on mostly using it for surfing the web, Photoshop and Traktor Scratch and I really can't see any of those pieces of software using up all that processing power?

    I may also install Windows via Bootcamp and play some PC games, such as Half Life 2 and Supreme Commander but, I'm pretty sure the 4 core model could handle that with ease.

    Anyone else have input/experience?



    EDIT: P.S. While I'm bugging you all: does anyone know if there is a piece of software for OS X which can act as a sound mixer for the individual programs? I seem to remember reading about one a couple of weeks back but I can't remember which site it was. I'm trying to watch a video in VLC at the same time as playing a flash game in Safari and the flash game has no option to mute the sound!

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    For you it doesn't sound like you'll be needing that much processing power. Invest in RAM.

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    Out of curiosity, how do people use their 8 core machines? Do lots of you work with Maya etc?

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    I agree with EGGO. For your needs, it would be a better idea to add RAM instead of processing power.
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