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Thread: RAM question

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    RAM question
    I have an imac g4 that is prone to getting kernel panics. I was ready to rip out the user-accessible RAM when i noticed that one of the clips was dislodged from the RAM. I fixed that, and while i was replacing the bottom cover, i noticed that the sticker on the bottom said that the original RAM that came with the computer was 256, but all that is in the non-user-accessible slot is 128. I bought this computer used, and could someone have replaced the non-user-accessible RAM? Could that be what is causing the kernel panics? Or could part of the original RAM be dead? Is any of this possible? P.S. there is an apple 512 installed in the user-accessible slot, so i only have 640mb of RAM, with a 128, which just doesn't match up. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Justin

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    Both are possibilities. Check System Profiler. It will list what is in each slot. (applications/utilities)
    You could also run the Apple Hardware test or find a ram testing program.
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