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Thread: Interesting screen "issue"

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    Interesting screen "issue"
    Not so much an issue, just something I noticed when using the brand new iMac at college - when you have a flat colour filling the whole screen there is a noticable gradient - much darker at the top than it is at the bottom. It happens with every angle of the screen, except the rediculously obscure looking from above, which messes up the colours anyway. So I went home and tried it on my older iMac G5 with the anti-glare screen and while the gradient is still there, it's not nearly as noticable.

    If you want to test it, it's easiest to see with a light orangish colour such as #FFCC42.

    I was just wondering if there was a known reason for this...
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    Yes, i do notice this on mine but it isn't too much of a problem.. would rather not have it though.

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    20" screens are not that great

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    man, my 20" cinema display (acrylic) at work is fantastic. no gradient issues or anything. i have a 22" viewsonic (VG2230wm) at home that has a tiny bit of that gradient but it really doesnt bother me.
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    My 24 inch seems fine.....

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    hhmmmmm I have a 20" not a problem, i went from a 24" to a 20" for personal preference. only difference i noticed was the screen wasnt as bright as the 24 but thats the main reason why i exchanged lol. Umm....calibrate yet?
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