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    G5 2.5 and 23" HD flickers/redraws
    Got my g5 a month ago, everything seemed ok until I noticed a graphic abnormality. Although subtle, these abnormalities are really annoying and should not be present on a computer touted as the best for multimedia/graphics work.

    When I grab the scroll bar on a maximized safari window and move it downwards, I see a rapid redraw/flicker horizontal line usually in the lower half of my 23" new cinema display HD. The smaller the window, the less the effect.

    I've also noticed that this happens while watching a DVD on every size but the smallest. Every once in a a while, there is a rapid horizontal flicker/redraw within the window.

    It's also present on playback in imovie.

    It is really noticable when I activate the screen saver with my "Flurry" Setting.
    You can actually see a redraw/flicker line rapidly travel up the from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen every 3 sec.

    The interesting thing is that it doesnt happen in some other programs, like iCal/iTunes/garageband...but those programs seem to use more of a step scroll, as opposed to a smooth-scroll when you drag the scroll bar.

    Note that this happens on all user accounts. I've reinstalled the OS, updated to 10.3.5, reset vram, etc. There is no interference sources in the area.

    Can a user out there with the same stock video card (ATI 96000XT) in a 2.5ghz replicate this? I'm trying to figure out if this is a video card issue/monitor issue or a program/driver issue. Maybe this is just the way the machines are built...not perfect.


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    I think it should be a display issue.
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