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    Want to upgrade Ram

    I have just risked the glare factor and bought a 2.4ghz imac from the apple website.

    I got it with 1gb of ram and would like to purchase as much ram as possible and fit it.

    I have a few questions...

    Firstly what is the max, 2x2gb?

    Which is the absolute safest and best ram to use and where can I get it (uk)?

    Will this void my free warrenty?

    Many thanks.

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    Yes, maximum RAM that can be fitted is 2 x 2Gb and fitting it won't invalidate your warranty (obviously, provided you fit RAM of the recommended type - e.g. 800MHz SO-DIMMs).

    There's a wide choice of online retailers selling RAM for the Mac. A lot of people recommend Crucial. While they may not be the cheapest, they are certainly cheaper than Apple (ok, who isn't!), they seem to give good service and a guarantee that they actually stand by.

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