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    G5 Tower (Tiger, non-intel) shuts down after start up
    Hello there. So my G5 started to act funny yesterday. Initially, it just started to freeze completely in the middle of programs, even if it was merely running iChat. So I force restarted it a couple times and it finally started back up again after a few tries. Mind you, when it boots, it ramps up very loudly and sounds like it may take off! Then after freezing, again after the 2nd startup I did a restart again, this time it would boot up...just got me to the gray Apple screen and gear turn icon, then it shut down. At this point, i flashed the PRAM and also opened it up to make sure none of the RAM chips were out of place (one was, so i put it back into place.) So i started up again, and same thing...turns on, hear the chime, gray apple screen then turns itself off.

    Then tried starting safe mode by holding 'shift' and it did nothing, just shutdown at the same time it always had.

    At this point, I started it in target mode (which it will do) and attempted to access it via my MacBook, and it doesn't load on the desktop, but I can see it in Disk Utilty although I cannot mount it. The 'mount' button is able to be clicked, but it won't mount so that I can attempt repairing disk permissions. Also, oddly the firewire screen when it is in target mode is a black backround with an orange firewire icon?? weird.

    So now I'm lost. My only option next is to turn it on, open in firm ware, put in the OSX disk and start from disk (pushing C at startup)???

    Just not sure what to do from there!

    ANY help would be great!

    Thank you

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    May 05, 2008

    I started it up with the OS X installer disk, clicked on disk utility and clicked verify disk (on the right menu) and this is what it said:

    VERIFYING volume ___
    Checking HFS Plus volume
    Checking Extents Overflow file.
    **then in red letters said the following-

    Keys out of order
    THe volume KBSM Seq5 needs to be repaired

    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit.

    **I tried repairing and it cannot, it sayd "the underlying task reported failure on exit"


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