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Thread: Installing own memory when buying a new Mac Pro

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    Installing own memory when buying a new Mac Pro
    Hiya. I am very keen to buy a Mac Pro. I am not so keen spending 960 GBP upgrading from 2GB to 8GB memory ("800MHz DDR2 fully buffered ECC memory").

    Could I just request the 'standard' 2GB when buying the Mac Pro then purchase the extra 6Gb myself for a much cheaper solution? If so:

    1. What web sites (UK) can you recommend for memory?
    2. Is it an easy install process?
    3. Are there any gotchas doing this?

    Thanks, Cam

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    Yes, it's very easy. Just like installing ram on a windows machine, pop it in and go. Refer to your manual to know what slots to install in. I bought from and left a review (as Geruvah) here:

    If I remember correctly, their memory has a lifetime warranty and the heat sinks are ok-ed by Apple.

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    My favorite. (UK version)

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    Thanks guys

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