I have a imac 20" an very happy with it after hving a pc for such a long time. But what i am looking to do i use my xbox 360 to stream media for the imac to the xbox 360 but one is a imac and the other is a microsoft.

anyways i download a app called connect 360 which works great and i have some media on my usb hard drive but all of this media was converted on a pc.

now i can stream some media with the .avi ext and some of my other media is in mpg or divx from what i under stand the xbox 360 can understand divx as it has an update from microsoft live but for some reason they dont play. so i am looking for a convertor which will convert mpg or divx to avi and i have tried video convertor which should be able to convert media to any device but i have had no luck with this app. Can anyone recomend a video convertor that will convert media that the xbox 360 will understand and i can start straeming my media collection again