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    Ultimate $2500 Mac pack...
    I've asked questions on this forum before and you guys have been a big help but I still can't decide on what I want. But I have narrowed my options down to these two packages.

    Package #1:

    Imac 2.8 Ghz
    500 Gb Hard Drive
    4GB of ram (crucial)
    Wireless mouse
    External 1TB Hard Drive
    NVidia 8800

    Package #2:

    Mac Pro 2.8 Ghz
    Stock Hard Drive (I think it's a 320)
    2GB Ram
    Nvidia 8800 GT
    Wireless Internet
    HP 22" display (
    0CT9FVY2AGXG0ZBVBJ57&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=278240301 &pf_rd_i=

    My purpose for either machine is to do some photo editing and some home movie editing but the home movies will be in HD...I can't decide between the two...if you guys have any suggestions I would really appreciate it...and if you think I should get the 3.06 for the imac or the 8 core for the macpro please let me know...This will be my first mac and I want it to last a while...Thanks again for your help.

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    really all comes down to how much money you have?
    the imac has a bigger screen though...
    "mighty boosh rules" the panda knows best...

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    And probably has a better LCD panel. You need to spend maybe $500 + dollars on a 20" display to get one comparable to the 24" iMac and good for photo editing.

    I would probably get the iMac.

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