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    Question Formatting a HDD via TDM?
    Hi guys,
    Unsure if this can be done thus asking for your input.
    I want to swap out a Cube G4's puny 20 Gb drive and install a new one with a capacity of 80 to 120 GBs. Chances are this new drive will not be formatted for Mac and, having no external firewire drive enclosure handy i was wondering if this could work:
    Install the new drive in the Cube, connect the Cube to my G5 w/ a FW cable, and boot the Cube in Target Disk Mode.
    Do you think the new drive will appear on my G5's desktop and allow me to format it using Disk Utility?
    Many thanks in advance,

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    You can do the same with Disk Utility, booting from the install disk.

    Upon startup, you should see a Dialog Box telling you that the drive is not initialized and asking if you would like to initialize it now. Click on "OK." The computer will complete the startup process and the drive should be mounted on the Desktop.
    If you do not get the dialog box at startup, go to Utilities on the menu bar, (after selecting languages) -Disk Utility.
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    Alas, I inherited the Cube as is, without kb/mouse/speakers or install disks. Hmm, now that you got me thinking, i should try to boot it from my retail Leopard dvd. If that works then i'm all set!
    *sigh* ticks me of when the obvious simple solutions pass me by.
    Thanks soulwar.

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