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    Is Your New G5 Really New?
    I am about to pick up a G5 (2x2) and a 23 inch Apple monitor.

    Is there some sort of check I can run as soon as I switch it on, in order to see if it really is as brand spanking new and virginal as it should be given that it has, allegedly, just arrived fresh from the factory?

    Whilst shopping, I discovered that one firm, who lend Macs to festivals aimed at promoting digital video, simply take the machines back when the fesitval is over, 'clean them up' and sell them as new. Others sell refurbished machines as new, or first generation as second generation. Such practices give me the impression that some Powermac sellers behave like fruit and vegetable sellers. They display the freshest but sell you the old ones from a crate around the back of the stall. How can I be sure that what I am about to pick up is not one of these?

    Buying a new Powermac and screen is more like buying a small new car than a pound of tomatoes (even if they are genetically modified). The clock/mileometer on a car provides the swiftest and surest indication. Is there any such indication for the newness of a new Powermacs?

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    Buy it from Apple directly, or buy it from a reputable company like MacConnection, MacMall, etc

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